Simon Willis Case Study Essay

Question 1
One of the major Human Resource Management functions is human resource development and Booz Allen got this right in Simon Willis’ case. Simon Willis himself admits that Booz Allen has identified his abilities and potential and created an environment to explore his talents and to grow professionally. This is one of the greater human resource management functions as it affects employee satisfaction which in turn affects employee productivity (Sims, 2007). As a result of the successful implementation of this function by Booz Allen, Simon Willis enjoys his job and may consider staying in spite of them paying him less that the market rate salary.
Booz Allen has also managed to provide a safe, healthy and secure working environment which is also an important Human Resource management function. Their staffing, an equally important human resource management function has also been very well done. This function entails identifying potential employees for openings in the company. The company appears to be on the lookout for talented and potential employees offering them competitive salary rates and generally attract a potentially productive employee base.

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