Six Of Your Initial Impressions Of The America’s Shame Article

There are numerous instances when human beings are faced with conditions of making primary judgments about individuals they meet, various places they visit or articles they read. This first judgment is referred to as the initial impression and it determines the opinions and conclusions drawn by different people from the first encounter. With this, it is essential to realize that the initial paragraph of a book or an article determines the reader’s ability to read the entire book. For instance, in the article “America’s shame” by Singer, p. The first paragraph provides a clear initial impression of what is contained in the entire article. Therefore, out of curiosity, the reader becomes eager to read the entire article which explains the incidence of poverty throughout the world.
Initial impressions and their roots
The article “America’s shame” has several initial impressions that attract the reader to get deep into the article and understand it better. Such impressions have different roots that could be emotional, fact based or value based. In my opinion, the article is agreeable, educative, practical, professional, conscientious and open.

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