Identify, research and discuss the six rights of the consumer, as well as why each one is important.
Consumers play a great role in the success of any business. Therefore, it is important for any business to find ways to keep their consumers by ensuring that there needs are fulfilled. One way of ensuring that the consumers are fulfilled is by respecting the consumer rights that have been put in place. Initially, especially in the 1950s consumers had very little protection in the marketplace all over the world (Beekman, 2008). In March 15, 1962, President J.F. Kennedy came up with the consumer bills of rights to ensure that consumers were able to understand and know their rights and responsibilities. By 1985, eight consumer rights were adopted by the United Nations Assembly which led to consumers to have strong consumer protection policies worldwide (Beekman, 2008). March 15 is now declared as World Consumer Rights Day. The paper is going to discuss six consumer rights and why each of the rights is very important. The six rights of consumers include; the right to choose, the right to safety, the right to be informed, the rights to be heard, the right to redress and the right to environmental health.

  1. The right to choose

In the business world there are a different number of products and services. As a results consumers have to be informed that there are a variety of products and services are available for them to choose from at competitive price. In other words consumers cannot be forced to buy any product or service they don’t like but instead they should be given the opportunity to select the goods and services they want (Bryan, 2011). The right to choose is important because it provides consumers with all the options they need when choosing the products and service they all need.

  1. The right to safety

Safety is an important aspect for every human. Therefore, consumers need to feel protected from any products and service that may be harmful to them in the marketplace especially when the consumers use them in the right way. The right is important because it protects the consumers from the sale of products and services that are dangerous to the human beings.

  1. The right to be informed

Information is an important tool in any organization including the business world. In this case customers also need to have information on the product and service they are using. When consumers are provided with enough information about the products and services, the consumers are able to make informed decisions about the products and services to use. Bryan (2013) indicates that this right is important because it ensure that consumers are able to obtain reliable information about products and services that are sold in the marketplace before buying them.

  1. The right to be heard

Consumers are human beings and a certain points they need their complaints to be heard. The right to be heard provides a platform for them to be listened to and be heard when they are raising their dissatisfaction or satisfaction. The right ensures that the consumers have an equal and fair consideration in most government policy-making situations (David, 2011). The right is important because it ensures that both business and government are able to respond to consumers voices and act accordingly.

  1. The right to redress

Whenever there is a dispute in any organization or business, the aggrieved parties try to find a better ground to settle the dispute. As such consumers are also afforded with such an opportunity where they are a heard whenever they are dissatisfied in order to reach a resolution. The right is very important to consumers because it ensures that the complaint is settled with complete satisfaction.

  1. The right to environmental health

Health is every important and consumers ought to be protected fully by the government and other business stakeholders. The environmental conditions that consumers should be protected from are all environmental pollutions including air, soil and water. Consumers do not need to live or work in an environment that is threatening to their life and therefore it is their right for them to be protected from such hazardous conditions (Bryan, 2013)The right is important because it puts into consideration the well-being of the current and future generation.
In conclusion, consumers are privileged to have rights that protect them however; these rights come with certain responsibilities. For example, consumers have a responsibility to make sure they use their products in the right manner, store them in the required way and dispose them as they are directed by the manufacturers. The consumers have to understand their responsibility for each of the consumer right. Knowing the responsibilities makes it easier for the consumer rights to be implemented. Additionally, it is important for consumers to get education about each of the rights that exists and how to work with them in the business world. Lastly, consumer rights were established to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the consumers in the market place.
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