Social Marketing In Healthcare Essay

Social marketing involves the application of commercial marketing strategies in the promotion of public health care. According to the author of the article ‘How social marketing works in health care’, a population level is usually effective on social marketing as well as health care effectiveness, and is contributed greatly by health care providers (Evans, 2006). Refereeing to marketing social change, social marketing in healthcare can be identified as the application of techniques and proven concepts that are drawn from commercial sectors in the will to promote various changes. These changes could be as diverse as possible and could include sexual behavior, drug abuse, smoking and other socially essential behaviors. According to the argument above, it is clearly shown that the marketing described shows a marketing approach that is able to solve numerous health care problems and other socially related issues. This has not been achieved because most people have not realized the different ways of harnessing the opportunity’s power.
A number of proven techniques can be used and they include methods that are drawn from persuasion psychology, behavioral theory, and human reactions to ideas relating to message deliveries, and marketing mix. Other regards can be associated with the four Ps of marketing that are place, price, product and promotion (Keane, 2011). The methods ensure that heath is affected by using and influencing behavioral theory (Gregory, 2010). Other methods include the use of assess factors that ensure a complete underlie of the receptivity of individuals and all their messages. Examples include likeability and credibility of any form of argument, strategic marketing of different relations that are aimed at changing all health care’s target audience. The latter is available since the audiences’ behavior can be changed with the help of the four Ps.

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