Starbucks Annual Report Project Essay

A company’s annual report gives a summary of that company’s performance in the previous year and outlines the company’s future plans. Most annual reports are designed to be visually compelling with lots of pictures, charts, color and graphics. Annual reports are the best source of information to determine how financially sound a company is and to uncover potential problems or opportunities since all information comes from the company’s accounting system. This report will look at Starbucks’ annual report for the fiscal year, 2012.

1. Identify and explain the main sections of Starbucks’ annual report

Selected Financial Data- This section provides information on the total share amounts for the company’s financial items for the current year and for the last four previous. The financial items are got from the income statement and balance sheet are revenues from sales, operating income, net earnings including non-controlling interests, cash dividends declared per share and the amount of capital expenditures.

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