Consider the following theoretical proposition: Stratification exists between social units in every society. The degree of stratification varies between societies. Identify and discuss the two concepts in the proposition. Based on this theoretical proposition, deduce two variables (a dependent and an independent variable). Now, create a directional research hypothesis and its corresponding null and alternate hypotheses.
From the theoretical proposition above, there are two concepts brought across. The first proposition implies that there is stratification in every society. This is to mean that all societies have some level of stratification. The second preposition does not only acknowledge the existence of stratification in each society but also further argues that the stratification in one society differs with each other. Therefore, the proposition relates the societies in terms of the stratification.
The directional research hypothesis for the propositions will be: there is stratification is each society. The null hypothesis will be: at least one society has no stratification. From the second d proposition, the hypothesis will be: all societies have different stratification levels. The null hypothesis will be: at least two societies have similar stratification levels.

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