Instructions for paper: Subject Sweet Potatoes
1. Introduction that includes a brief history of how the food is used and when it became popular in diets (around the world, if applicable).
2. What is health promoting about this food?
3. Which macronutrients, micronutrients and/or phytochemicals does it provided and at what level (discuss NO MORE THAN the top 3-5)
4. Is there a special nutritional property of this food?
5. Which disease or health condition does it help prevent and how?
APA formatting, at least 2 primary or peer reviewed research studies and
3-5 secondary sources,
Expected length 1000 to 1350.
At least 3-5 secondary sources should be books or articles by credentialed, reputable experts or the websites of reliable, reputable organizations. Examples would be sites hosted by or associated the Mayo Clinic, the National Institute of Health, universities, or science or new websites that aggregate or synthesize information form such reputable sources. If there are any peer-reviewed sources available please include them.
At least two primary or peer reviewed research studies

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