Taking care of Aging Parents Essay:
Many people do not envisage taking care of their parents at old age. Additionally, there is widespread unpreparedness among the modern families for filial responsibilities. The reality of adult children assuming the responsibility for their aged parents has never been as apparent as it is today. Consequently, the question of whether people should accept the burden of taking care of aging parents is an issue of concern to many.
It is a moral responsibility. As a successful adult, it is important to appreciate the sacrifice by one’s parents (Heffernan, 2013). Many parents have had to lead very difficult lives to educate their children. There are immense sacrifices made by parents for the sake of their children. Therefore, it is not only a moral responsibility but also a duty for adult children to take care of their aging parents.
It results in extensive stress and burnout on adult children. The modern lifestyle has become very expensive to maintain. The working adult children are busy servicing their education and mortgage loans as well as raising their children (Gross, 2008). Most are paying college fees and saving for retirement. Taking care of one’s parents would overburden such adult children. Therefore, taking care of one’s parents should not be a compulsory task.
Some aging parents do not deserve assistance. There are adult children who faced abuse in the hands of their parents. Others were abandoned by parents but luckily excelled. Other children cannot simply afford the costs associated with old age (Gross, 2008). Additionally, some parents may have squandered their wealth. Furthermore, the government’s Medicaid can cater for aging parents upon exhausting their resources.
The responsibility towards one’s aging parents should be personal. An individual needs to consider how assuming the costly responsibility will affect the life of their nuclear family. It is important to consider the role of one’s parents towards personal success as well as the financial goals to be met. Nevertheless, the question of whether people should accept the burden of taking care of aging parents still remains controversial.
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