Team Building Based on Martin Mucci CEO of Paychex Inc Case Study
            Elevation of Mucci to be the CEO at Paychex Company is really promising in a number of ways. On his own, Mucci is confident about his capabilities to deliver and a close insight into his history surely confirms these capabilities. As a leader who has been in leadership for some time, he has a role to make an impact in this company and he hopes to achieve a number of things leading to the overall success of the company. He hopes to take this company to the next level through encouraging team work between the employees and the management staffs. This will create a friendly ground where the employees will be free to interact with the management and this is a good deal to boost growth of any company. This creates a scenario where the juniors feel free to share certain vices within or outside a business which should be controlled to add on the overall growth of the business (Myatt, 2008). As a CEO, he hopes to oversee all levels of management in this company to make sure that everything shoots up and is maintained at high performance levels.
In his capacity, he will chair the committee of board members and sensitize them on the best ways in which things should be done to increase on client base and improvement of company sales. It is in this case that he will be able to advise the committee on appropriate business strategies that will register a high growth and make the company to remain highly competitive moreover the competitors. He has worked in this company as a vice president in operation department and this means that he is aware of the weak points and challenges facing the company as at now. A good history of any business is very important in making improvements desired to bring change leading to growth and success (Myatt, 2008).
He is ready and willing to take up the challenge and work on these weak areas to come up with a lasting solution. He will be charged with monitoring the ways sales are executed in this company. It is here that he will take up the role of ensuring that the company deals with the right products to meet the demands of the customers. The success of any business is greatly connected to the level of satisfaction that the customer enjoys when using products of a given company. The client is always right and will go for the products that they feel meet their desires fully (Chemuturi, 2010). He will have a responsibility of exploring new markets and marketing strategies other than the available ones. This will maximize on the sales done by the company hence a high degree of growth will be realized.
He will incorporate latest technology used in office operations and market surveillance. This will improve the efficiency of how things are done and the results achieved will be highly reputable. He has a sound mind that it is his time to deliver using the available number of employees. Good management is the only important thing here that will make his dreams and hopes of steering the company ahead come true. Boosting success of a company does not mean destroying what has been achieved so far but requires introducing different ways of doing things (Chemuturi, 2010). This is what Mucci is willing to do for Paychex Company to improve on its success.
In terms of qualification, Mucci is outstanding and qualifies for a CEO position. He holds a MBA degree and this confirms his competence in terms of academic qualifications. He has good working experience in the same position of a CEO where he worked in a telephone company. He has also worked as the president in charge of telephone operations in Frontier Company and this adds to his sound mind in leadership and delivery capabilities. His personal attributes are highly recommended by other people such as Tom Golisano. This confirms that he is a potential person who is associated with success and will deliver in the capacity of a CEO. He is a friendly person who is said to be very inspiring. He is free with employees and all these are good personal attributes that every leader should have. He is known to have excellent decision making skills and this is a very important technical skill that any CEO should possess. As Tor Constantino says, Mucci is goal oriented and works towards achievement of the set goals despite the challenges that might be prevailing. He has self confidence that he can deliver and he is ready to take up the challenge and face all the facets of leadership to ensure that ultimate desired success is realized. His background is found to be very catchy and this will greatly help to draw a big number of new clients who will build on the current client base. He will effectively handle the current and the new clients in the right way as a good way of maintaining them and meeting their demands completely (John & Makhija, 2011).
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