Team Diversity Paper Essay:
Ethnic diversity refers to multiple cultural based communities. Today, there is immense interaction of many cultures as many people of different age and ethnic backgrounds, shift from rural to urban centers, mother nation to other nation; all for educational and working purposes. Such kinds of movements have foreseen many people of different backgrounds having to speak a particular language or having to do related things for the achievement of success in their quests.
Analyze how your team’s diversity may have a positive or negative effect on group effectiveness.
Consider the four most critical types of diversity affecting the effectiveness of your Learning Team from the list below:
Sexual orientation (affinity)

Such kinds of interactions anticipate a very mixed society that is widely prone to socioeconomic changes and effects in the kinds of livelihoods they lead. For instance, technological changes in mobile phones and law amendments will always become a matter of concern to everyone constituting a particular multicultural group (Eriksen 23).
Through the same, the society today is facing a lot of changes in its sexual orientation. As social sites like facebook and twitter become the normality of our daily lives, people of different backgrounds are today having friends from people of different backgrounds from theirs. As a result, the harmonious living related to the multiculturalism then results to mixed patterns in sexual, romantic and emotional aspects (Fenton 111). This explains why we have black Americans marrying white Americans as young Asians find love in people of different ethnic backgrounds. Apparently, the pattern is so complex, that unlike decades ago, today we have relationships developed form same sex and opposite sex. Asexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality and heterosexuality are a clear norm today.
Religion has also diversified widely as a result of multiculturalism. Many people have religion as a source of answers to mysteries they come across in their daily lives. This is in the perspective of explaining aspects like death which many cannot come into a consensus with. As a result, many can easily change from Christianity to Islam with minimal hindrances (Eriksen 34). Rastafarianism is also becoming widespread as regions that initially possessed one particular religion, having to incorporate new ones. It is a changing world as everyone tries to incorporate what they think suits them best. With the immense exposure of the internet today, multiculturalism along with its impacts seems to be an unending phenomenon.
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