Crimes Socrates Charged with in the Apology

 In the apology, Socrates gives his defense before a court of law against allegations leveled against him by his enemies. Socrates, a renowned philosopher, was declared a threat to citizens who have believed in themselves that they hold wisdom and knowledge. Socrates has proven them wrong in a fair contest before men and youth. It is for this reason that his enemies such as Meletus bring him forward before a court of law for condemnation.
Question one: What crimes is Socrates charged with?
Socrates is brought forward to court for condemnation because of many crimes. In particular, he is charged with crimes related to his claim to justify that nobody is wise. The politicians Socrates as sought to prove that they are not as wise as they claim to be, have nothing to charge with him directly. His challenge to those who claim to bare wisdom is publicly displayed to the disadvantage of the latter. Consequently, his deeds have created an army of enemies who have decided to condemn him as a nonbeliever in the gods (Jowett 2).

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