The 5 different IT systems that have affected business in the past few years
The cloud computing system is a way of utilising a network of remote servers courtesy of the internet to hold, manage as well as process information as opposed to using a local server or in some cases a personal computer. The system is applicable in sending and receiving corporate emails, websites storage together with consumer relationship management. Using this system, companies are shifting to service performance as opposed to products. The system has the ability to spur more innovation in companies.
Mobile computing on the other hand is an interaction amid a person and a computer. The computer is usually carried along with the user. By reducing distance, producers are able to reach their employees, stakeholders and consumers without being together physically. In the future, the need to have retail stores might be done away with as more people will acquire products online (Willcocks & Venters, 2011:46).
Consumerisation of information technology has resulted in consumers becoming more integrated with the computer. Information of products and services can be accessed through internet enabled gadgets. The business world will definitely be driven by the consumer who has now morphed in an active consumer.
Client-server computing distinguishes between the service providers and requestors. It is used mainly in Email and network printing. The system has enabled an extension of capabilities through shared resources courtesy of other hosts. The future effect for the system would be the development of centralised computing (Willcocks & Venters, 2011:48).
Mainframe computer is a system used by big business firms for crucial applications that require bulk data processing. The system has eased storage and processing of bulky data. The system is likely to advance possessing with it facets that will organise large amounts of data with as little as data input (Willcocks & Venters, 2011:55).
Willcocks, L., & Venters, W. (2011). The Business Impact of Information Technology Systems.
Outsourcing Technology , 26 (3), 46-56.

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