Begin 1st half of Paper with Discussion of (The Bible and Violence)
#1 Range of violence in stories in the Bible?
#2. Ways the Bible used to justify violence?
#3 Is the Bible a violent religious text?
#4 Is the Bible and violence issue important?
2-introductory sentences
1-topic sentence
1-thesis statement(in bold print) “In this paper I am going to discuss…and why or/how it…”
Please discuss three(3)major points (for each topic)
Cite specific texts in the Bible(on slavery,violence,etc., and include lecture notes, opinion, research etc.
(Be analytical, examine carefully to identify key/critical factors, strengths/weakness,positives/negatives
End with:
2 concluding sentences,your Opinion (and please be thoughtful and substantive in this section) Ex:
“This is an important issue today because….I also believe that….”
Last 1/2 of Paper Discuss the Topic:
“The Bible and African Americans”
In what ways has the Bible been a source of inspiration and hope for African Americans? What ways has the Bible been a source of pain/cause for African American suffering? Passages or stories in the Bible that may appear racist,oppress or dehumanize African Americans.
References include:
Protestant Bible
Callahan Book

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