The Declaration of Independence Essay Example

Jefferson phrases in the Declaration emphasize on individual liberty and the grievances of the American people have against their colonial master. The Declaration was written when the America was one of the British colonies and highlights that all human beings are granted certain rights by their creator, which includes liberty, life and pursuit of happiness (Kindig 1995). Jefferson says that these rights are secured through the governments instituted by God. He intimates that if the government fails to honor these individual liberties, then its subjects have the right to abolish it and establish a new one that will follow these principles. According to Jefferson, all humans are prone to suffering. However, if this suffering aims at reducing such people to submission, they should take it upon themselves to overthrow such a government (Kindig 1995). All these key concepts summarize the suffering and the humiliation the colonies experienced under the British government and also call for liberation.
The political philosophy expressed in the declaration by Jefferson was not a new concept. The continental philosophers and John Locke had already expressed the individual liberty ideals in other documents (CRF 2001).

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