Essay On The Five Most Significant Historical Events or Developments in Western Civilization that occurred through 1689

There are several historical events and developments that shaped the Western civilization on or before 1689. This paper shall discuss 5 significant events that are of specific importance and bear sufficient weight towards shaping past civilizations. First, I shall discuss the Renaissance period. This was a period of intellectual and further achievement that first started in Italy in the late Middle Ages before taking root in the rest of Europe. It emphasized on topics of humanism which was the most characteristic movement of the renaissance and had a central focus on human being as the center of intellectual and artistic effort (Pavlac, 23).
This period of renaissance was focused so much on educational and cultural programs based on the study of ancient Greek and Roman Literature. The Humanistic attitude towards antiquity differed from that of medieval scholars who tried to fit classical learning into a Christian world view. Renaissance humanists did not subordinate the classics to the requirements of Christian doctrines; rather, they valued ancient literature for its insights into human nature. A direct influence of the ancient classics, humanists expected to learn much that could not be provided by medieval writings. For instance, practices that emphasized how to live and progress successfully in this world and how an individual should perform civic duties were greatly emphasized (Perry et al. 19).

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