1. Comment on the following statement. “America was founded as a nation not defined by blood or soil but by ideas. In its founding moments America said it correctly but did not behave in complete accord with its stated ideals. Yet its greatest strength lies in the profound recognition by many of its citizens of the inconsistency between words and deeds and in their passionate commitment to work hard to close the gap.” Discuss your views regarding the accuracy of this statement. Identify the gaps and describe the work of those Americans who believed in the “American Ideals.”

2. Is Lady Liberty who stands in the harbor of America’s largest city still alive? Why? Why not?
3.what would you identify as America’s greatest strengths or virtues expressed in deeds not words? What would you consider to be its greatest weaknesses or threats?
4. You awakened this morning with a great urge to seek the office of President of the United States. How would you wish to change America if you were given the opportunity? Be specific.
5. Reflect on the diversity characteristic of America. We are a country of many cultures. what is the glue that holds all these different groups together? Should we strive to merge these different groups into one “soup puree”? Or should we pursue the alternative of promoting America as a “salad bowl”?

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