The Impact of the IOM report on Nursing Practice Essay:
Research shows that the IOM vision for a nurse whether a practicing nurse, a nurse, manager, or a student who is pursuing nurses affects him/her directly or indirectly. According to Finkelman& Kenner, (2010), the implementation of an evidence-based nursing practice has created unprecedented demand for a lot of information which is related to better practices and scientific breakthrough. In addition to this, the IOM report has led to massive increase in the use of technology in the nursing practice and this has not only let to a faster pace of service delivery but it has also led to a number of discoveries which are made by the bedside nurses.
Furthermore, unlike in the previous years before the IOM report, the number of the practicing nurses in the United States of America has increased. The main reason behind this is that it was the report highlighted that the healthcare was not tapping the newly graduated nurses yet they have a greater potential of leading in strategic innovation which will lead to significant improvement in the health care system. As a nurse I will embrace new technology which is a vital element in our present day society.

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