The selection of judges has been at issue for many years in this country and in this state. Recent appointments to the Supreme Court have heightened our awareness of the importance of diversity on our courts. The Maryland Declaration of Rights describes the process of judicial selection and it is found as well in Maryland statutory law. Generally speaking, judges in Maryland’s lower courts are appointed while the judges in Circuit Courts must run for election. A third process is used in the case of appellate judges in Maryland.
At one time the election process was thought to allow for a more diverse bench by providing opportunities for minority candidates to run for office. In this 5 page paper you will examine the process of judicial selection in Maryland (or your home state, if you live in another state) and how the process impacts the diversity of the bench.
• The paper will thoroughly summarize the processes for judicial selection as mandated by Maryland’s Declaration of Rights and state law for judges on the District Court, Circuit Court and appellate courts(no more than 2 pages of the writing and you must write this in your own words, no cut and paste) or in your home state
• The next issue to be addressed is whether the election process (and type of election) or appointment process is most likely to produce a diverse bench; explain/examine the rationale for each process, research judicial elections locally and their results, and finally, whether the process has in fact had the desired result;
• Weigh the pro’s and con’s of each process and address any ethical issues raised by judges running for election;
• Select the process which your research shows to produce the desired goal of diversity and support your conclusion with logical reasoning, facts, and analysis.
• Suggest any changes that you believe would enhance the selection process and at the same time attain the goal of diversity in the courts.
Writing Requirements:
Use at least two outside sources for your writing.
Your writing must be at least 5 pages and no more than 6 pages in length, in 12 point font, Times New Roman, and must comply with MLA style in all aspects. Refer to the Pre Class Module for links to the OWL at Purdue for additional assistance.

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