The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate two agencies or organizations that are involved in provision of global health services, evaluation of health care and health systems, and who are influential in the development of global health policy and priorities. The agency may be based in any country and does not require an American affiliation. The assignment will require a comparison of your chosen global health agency/organization and compare it with another agency/organization.
Included in the comparison will be an evaluation and comparison of the:
•Mission and purpose of the agencies; who are their stakeholders;
•Who do they serve; what are their business structures;
•How are they financed?
•What are their political affiliations?
•What are their global health priorities?
•How are they involved in health policy development, oversight, and implementation?
•What have been their outcomes in global health?
•The critique will include an analysis of the strengths and limitations of both entities
Required are 1-3 recommendations for how the agencies could improve their organizations’ structure,
provision of services, or outcomes.
The assignment should be approximately 3-6 pages in length to a maximum 6 pages, not including title page, references, or appendices and supported with at least six peer-reviewed references.
The assignment should follow APA scholarly writing guidelines.
Do not forget to review the rubric to ensure you are meeting all requirements.

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