The Retail Positioning Strategy of Nordstrom’s Essay

Every business in the world aspires to relentlessly win and have more customers depending on its product quality and services awareness. As in accordance to Nordstrom of Nordstrom’s business, “How people define customer service is where the battle will always be won and lost” (Spector & McCarthy, 2012). This means that Nordstrom’s has always strived towards achievement because of strategic measures that are directed at the customers together with the market as a whole. One of the strategic measures that Nordstrom’s has advanced unlike other retailers is its focus on the goals. According to Spector & McCarthy, 2012), Nordstrom’s has an enormous financial position proportioned to be around $1.3 billion in cash, 11 straight quarters for making sales, and its apparent positioning in the Apparel’s top 50 companies ranked by profit margins. The company knows that its customers are in high demand for quality products and services. The company has expanded most of its stores within and outside Europe, something that has enabled many clients access its products and services without any difficulty. The company has shifted most of its growth mechanisms to depend on e-commerce. Most of the customers are able to access Nordstrom’s products online. According to Nordstrom, “E-commerce is going to be where the majority of our growth comes from, period.” The shift from other modes of marketing has lifted the company to higher nodes of performance and hence has managed to overpower other retailers in the market (Spector & McCarthy, 2012).

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