You will need to interact with a child or group of children for this assignment. In this case, the purpose is not to “treat” the child but to experiment with the play media and play process. Make arrangements to meet with a child in order to implement the different theoretical approaches and play media. You are required to have one “session” during the semester and to write the paper based on this experience. Students are expected to become knowledgeable about using play in “sessions” with children. Students must also become knowledgeable about effective interventions with children and/or develop their own ideas based on course material and then apply them within the “session”.
Your paper must include at least 3 sources (i.e. journal articles, books) in APA format. It is important to include comments on both theory and practice related to use of play approaches.
In your field experience paper, focus on the following: a. Who did you work with and where? b. What play medium did you use and how did you use it (e.g., directive or nondirective approach, verbal versus experiential components, your theoretical approach)? c. What happened? Be descriptive and give thorough examples or quotes. d. What thoughts and feelings did you experience in the process? e. What did you learn or relearn about theory, the medium, the procedures, and about yourself?