United States Border Control Patrol Essay:

  • Examine the current status of the U.S. Border Patrol along the Mexican border.
  • What makes the duties and responsibilities of this position one of the most important and dangerous of any law enforcement position in the country?
  • What measures could be implemented to make the border a safer and more secure environment for all U.S. Citizens?
  • Prepare a 2 – 3 page, well constructed essay, using APA style formatting, to discuss these questions

The United States border along Mexico is one of the most volatile and violent area for border patrol officer and also drug enforcement officers. The patrol officers have managed to stop millions of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States in search for better life and employment. Better economy in the United States also attracts dangerous criminals and drug cartels that try to smuggle drugs into the United States. Border patrol officers encounter the lawless, armed and dangerous criminals daily potentially putting their lives at risk.
Border Patrol Risks Essay:
In 1965 patrol officers arrested 110,000 aliens with the number rising to and more than one million by 2007 (Federation for American Immigration Reform,n.d.). However, illegal immigrants pose little threat to US border patrol agents compared to drug cartels attempting to smuggle drugs into the United States. Business Insider reported in a US border patrol helicopter had to make an emergency landing after an attack from a Mexican drug cartel attempting to enter the United States (Bill, 2015).
Multiple United States border patrol agents have died or suffered serious injuries after encounters with drug cartels or violent and desperate immigrants attempting to cross the border. The criminals are involved in multiple smuggling primarily drugs, weapons and people. The United States Senate passed a bill in 2013 allowing for increase in funding and officers for the border patrol (Amy, 2013). The move aims to contain increase in threats from Mexican cartels and their alleged links with Islamic groups in the Middle East. The United States has increased its workforce in the Mexican border from 9800 in 2001 to 20,000 in 2013. The United States has a 2000 mile border with Mexico with only 700 miles under strict patrol (Amy, 2013).
United States border patrol agents face risky and fatal situations in the large and unmanned border. Legal researchers note that the rugged terrain, dangerous temperatures and lack of quick support makes the border agents vulnerable to drug cartels. Despite being armed the agents encounter unforgiving cartels ending in deaths and injuries. Mexico border patrol is ranked one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. The United States has lost more than 100 agents since 1922 and thousands have been injured in the line of duty (United States Customs and Border Protection).
United States border patrol agents face several risks including Drug cartels, rugged terrain, extreme temperatures and wild animals. However, much interest has given to the illegal immigrants and criticism to the agents who face threatening conditions to secure the homeland.
The United States should increase the current border patrol workforce to about 30,000 officers to ensure fair distribution and working hours. Drug cartels pose serious threats to the unarmed border agents due to limitative legislations. The United States should ensure that all officers are adequately armed to respond to any type of threat such as gun fire attacks. Increase in budget towards Border agents will increase equipment’s and personnel needed in emergency responses. Increase in equipment including helicopters, drones and vehicles will ensure less criminals and narcotics enter the United States. Next, the United States should complete the fence in the 2000 mile border and increase heart and motion sensors.
In conclusion, border patrol agents are at continued risk from Mexican drug cartels. The government should increase personnel and equipment funding including helicopters, drones, vehicles and complete the fence.

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