Use Cases to Support an ATM Services Essay

This use case describes the process through which a Bank Customer utilizes the ATM to operate his/her bank account. The actors in this use case are the bank’s customer and the bank. The preconditions here are that there is an active network connection; and that there are sufficient funds in the customer’s account (Jacobson & Ng,2005).
Use Case for Making an Account Withdrawal
The use case commences when the bank customer inserts their ATM card. The system validates the user’s details. The ATM then makes a display of the different alternatives available to the customer. The customer selects “Withdraw Cash”; and the ATM prompts for the customer’s account. The customer enters the required amount. The system then sends the customers details, their pin number, and the amount to the Bank as a transaction. The Bank Consortium replies with an acceptance if the details are in order. The ATM then dispenses the money. The ATM card is the ejected and a printed receipt is produced and finally the use case ends successfully.
A transaction is successfully completed when the user receives their requested money and the internal logs have been updated. Some the alternative flows that might occur are

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