Using the information from your reading this week and the TED Talks you watched, think about how you can look at the four global social work values and values dimensions through a different lens. Reflect on how you think these four values fit with the social work values as you understand them and address how they apply to one of the TED Talks you were assigned to watch.
Then, write a substantive reflection in approximately 500 words. In your reflection address the questions and criteria in this assignment. Reference your sources appropriately according to APA guidelines. You may use 1st person in this assignment.
1. Emiliano Salinas: A civil response to violence.
2. Jeremy Gilley: One day of peace
3. Paul Collier: The “bottom billion”
Include in your reflection:
What are the four global social work values presented by Verschelden (p. 559)?
Verschelden (1993, pp. 766–767) proposes the following as fundamental global social work values that transcend cultural and national differences: 1. Primary importance of the individual 2. Respect and appreciation for differences 3. Commitment to social justice and the well-being of all in society 4. Willingness to persist despite frustration.
How do you see them fitting or not fitting with social work values as you currently understand them?
Discuss how each of these values is relevant to one of the Ted talks you reviewed for the week.
Now discuss the same Ted talk in terms of the social work value dimensions presented by Dubrin (p. 560 – 561) explaining which dimension of each you think the presenter is coming from.
1. Individualism versus collectivism.
2. Materialism versus concern for others.
3. Formality versus informality.
4. Urgent time orientation versus casual time ori- entation.