Using the New York Times and your birth date, compare and contrast a particular theme (e.g. transportation, housing, affordable housing, water, real estate development, labor, public works, fashion, crime, local politics, Staten Island, or immigration) over time.

Your paper should briefly introduce the topic, providing an historical summary, and then moving on to a discussion of the issue contemporaneously. Your conclusion can be that the problem has largely been solved satisfactorily (and if so, how), or that it is an ongoing problem to be solved (in which case you might want to weigh in on how best to solve it).

1. Read the New York Times cover to cover for your most recent birthday, the day of your birth, your birth date in 1950 and 1900, looking for a New York City theme or topic that runs through all four dates.
2. Using at least three additional sources, write a brief (approximately 3 pages) research paper on that theme/topic, discussing how the issue has been and is being dealt with (or not dealt with).
3. Use Chicago Style footnotes to cite your sources. The sources can be books, magazines, newspapers, legitimate and sound websites ( and are very good resources for data), radio podcasts, etc.