Veteran Suicide Essay:
Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders has significantly improved over the last decade without the trend being mirrored in suicide rates. Veterans form an essential part of the population because of the important duty they have fulfilled in protecting the country. However, the suicide rates among the veterans present a constant rate of worry. Veterans stand a higher chance of committing suicide as compared to the general population of people who never served(Kaplan et al, 620). While some of the reports on suicide rates have been exaggerated, there still remains a legitimate cause of concern because the rates still overwhelm those of the general public.
The rate of veteran suicide is nothing short of worrying. Veterans stand a high chance of committing suicide within three years after leaving active duty. Though the trend has not always been like this, 2008 marked an important point where the suicide rate among veterans. The Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom deployments have been associated with the change in the trend. The trend, however, begins while the veterans are serving and carries forwards after leaving active duty. At 66%, the rate was higher among those who had multiple deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq (Bossarte et al., 461). The physical and psychological trauma these veterans go through during service and the experiences of exclusion after resuming civilian lives are some of the risk factors which expose veterans to high suicide rates.
The Facts and Progress on Veteran Suicide
Operation enduring freedom, the Gulf War and the Vietnam War are some of the efforts the military have been involved in recent years. Other than the nature of these wars and the people involved, the other commonality in all the events is the high suicide rates among the veterans who served in these wars. Military veterans are highly vulnerable to suicide in comparison to civilians (Brenner, 213). Various unique precipitating factors have played a central role in increasing the mortality rate among this population segment. The solutions that have been developed for this population have proved that targeted solutions can do more to alleviate the suicide rates among veterans.

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