Taking into account the sources of Islamic law, what changes did the ulama in Persia undergo during the reign of Shah Abbas I (1587-1629) that would have direct influence on the Iranian Revolution of 1979?

Sample Essay on Changes undergone by the Ulama in Persia- 
Ulama is a term used to refer to Muslim legal scholars who are often well versed with Islam ideologies and most importantly the Islamic law. Shah Abbas was a powerful leader and during his reign, he strengthened the military base of the Middle East and strengthened government bureaucracy. He managed to dethrone the Qizilbash chiefs who reigned before him and totally discredited them. He used political tactics such as the reallocation of tribes to weaken them and established his own strong military force. He became allies with European force and agreed to partner with them in their war against the Ottomans. He was part of the forces behind the fall of the Ottoman Empire thanks to the strong military force he established.
During his reign the ulama in Persia were increasingly exposed to western ideologies which weakened the radicalization and extremist practice of Islam. Shah Abbas also showed leniency towards Christians and allowed non-Muslims into his courts and into positions of power. This paved way for non-Muslims, referred to by extremists as infidels into power and their reign strengthened in the years after Abbas’s reign until the Iranian revolution years later. In 1979, Islamic extremists formed a mass movement that saw them overthrow the permissive culture that had begun during Shah Abbas’s reign and the then foreign overlords.

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