What did President Johnson believe were his options in Vietnam Essay:
President Johnson had various options he could take in Vietnam. The first option was withdrawing from the fight and letting the dominoes start falling. He could advise even those advisers in Vietnam to fall back and get back to the country. By so doing, he could allow Vietnam to fall in the hands of the communists. He could also watch as the neighboring countries such as India, Philippines, Laos fall by the dominion theory (Moyers, 2009). This option was, however, not so valid. It was in the interest of the United States to prevent the fall of southern Asia as they were sources of resources that the United States government was interested.
Joining the fight was the other option. These seemed like the most credible option as troops were already in South Vietnam. The American government also had the power to join the fight. They had enough weapons to sponsor the fight as well as enough army troops they could send to Vietnam. The American government was also interested in the resources they acquired in South Vietnam as well as neighboring countries. They thus had the option of joining the fight and combining forces with an aim of protecting their resource hubs or getting out of the fight (Bator, 2007).
Another option that President Johnson had was to find a way of neutralizing the war (Moyers, 2009). He could find delegates as well as advisors to advise him on the way forward. He could also send some delegates to hold talks with North Vietnam government in a bid to end the war. This option was, however, not so reliable. The North Vietnam government could just fail to honor their promise and move ahead to make South Vietnam a communist country. Therefore, the United States government sitting down to find was to neutralize the war was similar to them withdrawing from the war. The South Vietnam government was doomed to be defeated.
As identified above, President Johnson had many options. However, he decided that the best option was to go to war and fight. He thus ordered American army troops to be deployed in South Vietnam. He also ordered various bombings to take place. The first bombing was that of Ho Chi Minh Trail. The North Vietnam government used the trail to move supplies from Hanoi through Laos. He also advised the generals as well as the American army troops to team up with the South Vietnamese army and train them. The American government also offered advisors who advised the South Vietnam people on how to improve their government (Bator, 2007).