Week 2 Assignment
After studying chapters 3 and 4, do the following assignment and submit it through the Turnitin link below.
1. What environmental factors would you suggest account for: (a) in-company clinics that deal with employee medical problems, such as established by Toyota, and (b) the success of after-hours clinics and urgent care facilities in many metropolitan areas?
2. Assume you were hired to design a managed care organization targeted to baby boomers in San Antonio, Texas, a city with a large Hispanic population. How would you make this service offering unique to respond to the major trends discussed within this chapter?
3. In recent years, there has been a growing attempt to measure the performance of health care providers. The federal government has published data on how hospitals are compared to acceptable clinical standards with regard to pneumonia. Explain how these data may affect the consumer decision-making process.
4. On what level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs would you place each of the following decisions: (a) buying health insurance, (b) going skiing, (c) following a low-fat diet?
5. A medical group has decided to develop an industrial medicine program for employers. This program would help in the treatment of on-the-job injuries, workers’ compensation requirements, health education, and toxicology analysis. The group has hired a new salesperson to approach a major furniture manufacturer in the community about the program. In preparing for her first call, the salesperson makes a list of the possible members of the buying center. Prepare the list.
Take Quiz 2 that covers chapters 3 and 4.
This assignment must be sent through the turnitin link shown below. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. Cite external references to support your answers in both within the text and in the references part as mandated by APA style. The instructor will not accept more than 5% of materials from external sources in the content (main body) of the document; otherwise, your work will be considered invalid.
Do not include questions in the document to be submitted through turnitin. Just the answers.
As said above, you must cite authors within the text, and in the references as well. The similarity identified from the references will not be taken into consideration for the 5%, just the ones identified in the main body. If you have any question, contact your instructor.