What moral judgments are morally correct? How can one know whether there exists a standard of what makes one thing morally right or wrong? In an attempt to answer these questions choose two of the following philosophers’ views on this question
In an attempt to understand human behaviour and the reason behind why people act as they do, there have been numerous theories concerning human ethics. The moral values and moral judgements of a human being vary from one person to another. Moral values can be termed as the actions that an individual takes voluntarily without any external influence which may be force or a set of rules. In spite of the fact that they differ from one individual to another, the moral values of a person are in one way or another natural. Different philosophers such as Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas have come up with explanations that try to explain the different behaviours of human beings and how these have an effect on their morals as well as their ethical character.

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