What were Hitler’s war aims and how did he try to achieve them?

The main aims for Hitler starting the war were:-

  1. To expand German occupation over Europe
  2. Propagation of the pure Aryan race across the world and
  3. To bring an end to Communism and Jews whom he considered the propagators of Communism.

His first step towards achieving these aims was in 1935 when he openly violated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and started rearmament and strengthening the German army. The Versailles Treaty stipulated that the German army was supposed to be limited to 100, 000 soldiers and forbidden to build military aircraft, tanks or guns. They were also supposed to pay back nearly £284 billion for “compensation”. Hitler ignored these stipulations and went against all of them. He later withdrew from the League of Nations as a way to delegitimize its importance. Additionally, he began working on economic plans that would provide industrial assistance to the German army (Pearson Global Schools, p114).

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