Many students and professionals do not really know the importance in proofreading their essays, research papers, term papers, or even business memos. Before submitting any document be it an academic paper or a business communication, proofreading is a very vital step before the document can be marked complete.
It is worth to note that even the most spell checking softwares can not be able to detect

why is it important to proofread your work

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mistake in your sentences more so when the misspelled words form some other valid english words.

  • Spotting Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical Mistakes will make your Paper look bad. If you fail to proofread your paper, many grammar errors will go undetected. These mostly occur as typing errors, in hyphenation, and capitalization. In any unedited documents, grammatical errors are usually more than spelling mistakes. Tenses and passive voices should also be checked.

  • Avoiding Inconsistencies In Your Paper

Proofreading helps you avoid writing papers full of inconsistencies. When writing academic papers, by proofreading your paper you will be able to note inconsistencies in your writing and do more research on unclear data mentioned in the paper. make sure your facts are correct, well referenced,  all direct quotes used are marked and cited. If there are dates in your writing, make sure they are correct.
These are two major advantages of proofreading your work. Honestly, work that is not proofread is a joke and a sign of ignorance to the reader. By taking a few minutes to proofread your essay or business communication goes a long way in improving the quality of your paper. Whether you are writing a blog or responding to  a simple university discussion board question, don’t look dumb and ignorant in front of other people. In the age of internet, people will judge you by what you write.

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