Progressivism is the support of progress in society, technology and government. Progressivism was a reform movement that came about with the modernization and development of infrastructure. This movement heightened in the early 20th century and sought to bring social justice and eradication of corruption from the American government. Social Progressivism campaigned for the adjustment of government and politics with changes in society and technology. It also advocated for civil rights, education for everyone, fair treatment of the poor and immigrants.
Theodore Roosevelt became the president of USA in the year 1901 after William McKinley was assassinated. Theodore was an outspoken, fearless man who believed in justice and fairness. Roosevelt objected to social distinctions and economic situations that further oppressed the poor. Theodore was set on eradicating social distinctions and he believed he would do this by regulating large cooperatives. Therefore, he was focused on enforcing laws that would force compliance with ensuring fair hours, wages and good working conditions for the citizens of USA.’ Theodore was motivated by his convictions and dreams of a just society. During his term as president, Theodore made several reforms to help achieve an equal and fair society.

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