Write a five-paragraph argument paragraph. Choose either one of the two following topics: 1) Construct an argument why a certain law should be enacted, revoked, or amended (do not choose abortion, capital punishment, or gun control.
2) Construct an argument on why a certain change should be made in education in the United States. You may also argue why a certain rule or policy should be abolished or amended at LWIT. Be practical. Do not make a fantasy argument (for example: a covered parking area should be built for students at no charge to them). If your idea/plan costs money, explain how it will be financed.
? Read Chapter 16 “Argument” (pages 307-322) and Chapter 18 “Writing the Essay” (pages 336-368).
? Follow the essay method. Step 1 (Brainstorming) should be making a list of the pros and cons of the issue. Show all of your work. All of your work must be attached to your final draft. Do not delete any changes other than typos. The instructor must be able to observe your writing process and not just read the final draft.
? Do not support your argument with personal preferences, religious beliefs, and cultural norms.
? New grading criteria will be handed out (Handout #17).
? Warning: Do not plagiarize. Do not copy someone else’s argument.

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