How to Write a Descriptive Paper ‘Essay on My Mom’

When tasked  write an essay about my mother prompt at school or my mother essay 500 words prompt,  the first thing your teacher or professor is asking you to do is to write a descriptive essay about your mother. Chances are that in your academic or career life, you will get this prompt along the way. Whether is in high school or in college admission application, or in scholarship essay writing. Whatever position you will be in, this guide plays a crucial role in your writing.

A descriptive essay about your mom is a kind of a creative essay that calls for in depth analysis in your description to allow the reader visualize the person you are trying to describe. Your description should be so vivid in such a way that it creates a picture of  your mother in the reader’s mind. It is necessary to avoid direct value based judgements like: My mother is good or bad. This is left for the reader to decide from how you describe your mother.

 Points to Consider When Writing – My Mother Essay

When writing an essay on mom whether it is a 500 word essay or even two pages, here are four paramount points you need to take into consideration:

  • Explicit Description:

To write a winning mother description essay, you must provide explicit description of the character that you want to talk about. It is easier if the character you are talking about is the real mother or a fiction character you create based on the desired final qualities you want to display to the reader. Include all the necessary details to make your description standout.

  • Avoid Emotions:

This is where most students go wrong. Do not attach emotions and feeling when you are writing this kind on an essay. Remember that you have a target – be it a grade or a scholarship. Focus on what your instructions dictate. Feelings will hinder the way you describe your character. In the case of writing an essay about a mother, many students bring in emotions and will try so hard to showcase the best side of their mother character . This is not the best way of approaching this kind of writing.

  • Your Creativity Counts:

When writing an essay about your mom it is worth noting that the person who will be reading the essay doesn’t know her and that he or she is a stranger. The character or the picture they get in your mother essay is all up to your imagination. Make sure you spice the mother character you are writing about to reflect the person you want your readers to see. Here, think about your audience and what they really want to see after you write that essay- is is your creativity, writing skills, knowing more about you, or for fun? Once you have an answer for this, you can get you creativity working now and work on mesmerising your readers with your prowess.
Use Vivid- Descriptive Language:
Vivid description is key to writing a winning a prompt like-  describe your mother essay. Make use of figurative language. This is important if you want to capture the minds of your audience. Keep your creativity and imagination at reasonable  levels to make your paper look real.

Writing Essay on Mom Easily- Planning and Structure

Like any other essay writing prompt, you need to make writing your paper easily. Carefully plan and structure your paper before you start writing the essay.

Make an Outline

Before you start writing your essay, make sure you prepare an outline. In your outline, include all the points you want to talk about in your essay. Do not forget to make a thesis statement on your essay at this point.

Simple Structure of a Mother Essay Prompt


Your introductory paragraph is the one that determines if the reader will continue reading your paper or not. You should have a catchy introduction as possible.  The introduction should have the following :

  1. Explanation of the title of your essay
  2. Mention the issues you wish to explore
  3. State Your Focus in The Essay
  4. State your thesis statement

Main Body

The main body of your essay carries about 80% of your writing. Here is where you develop each idea to become a paragraph.
In the conclusion section, make sure you summarise your ideas/argument. Do not introduce new concepts here.
With these steps, you can comfortably write a winning essay on your mom.

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