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If you want to write a 30 page research paper yourself, use this guide and be able to plan you paper writing task. Remember that a 20 to 30 page paper is a lengthy one and you need all the concentration and help you can get. It is a paper that requires a lot of research, analysis, and library work. Let narrow down to the structure of a 30 page research paper. For the sake of writing this article, we will focus on a 30 page paper as it is more lengthy than a 20 page essay. The format of writing any paper between 20 to 30 pages remain the same. The only major difference in the number of words. in the previous section, we have written a guide on how to write a 5 page to 10 page research paper. Visit the page to learn more.
Structure and features of a 20 Page Research Paper:
How Long is a 20 Page Essay: Around 5500 to 6000 words essay.
How many paragraphs for a 20 Page Essay: About 48 to 50 paragraphs.

Writing a 30 pages Research Paper

Writing a 30 page research paper in a day or a night is one of the craziest thing you should try to do. No matter how advanced your writing skills are, you need to get a hand to help you write a winning 30 page research paper fast. Here is a breakdown of a normal 30 page paper. Remember this is not a dissertation. We will write more on this topic later. A 30 page essay will approximately be equal to a 8250 to 9000 words paper depending on your examiner’s instructions. There is no a laid out way or a legal format of writing a 30 page research paper since it will depend on the type of paper you are writing. You can be tasked to write a 30 page research proposal paper, 30 page dissertation chapter, or even a  30 page journal article.  We will just break down the normal writing format. If you need additional help writing your 30 page paper, let us know.

  • Introduction:

An introduction for a 30 page paper will be about 825 words to 900 words which translates to about 8 to 9 paragraphs. Having to write an introduction with 9 paragraphs is not easy. Some of the elements of such an introduction are: A research paper hook, research question, and your thesis statement.  These will take about 6 paragraphs. This is where you introduce the concept of your research paper. Make sure your introduction looks great. A dull introduction will make your audience lose interest in the topic you are writing about and might miss the main points of your arguments. Depending on your paper, you can also have additional 3 pages for your background section of the paper.

  • Main Body:

A literature review section can be put here. This section will take about 3 paragraphs. The main body for your essay should be about 7200 words. Here is where you place your research arguments, criticize the previous writings on a similar topic and analyze your findings. Also, depending on the type of paper you are doing, data analysis and interpretation is done here. If a paper requires statistical analysis, you should seek appropriate help like: matlab online help. It is worth noting that you won’t get marks for poor data analysis. This is an area that requires total analysis expertise.

  • Conclusion:

This is the last part of your paper. You are expected to restate your thesis and review key points of your research paper. Remember to craft your conclusion with care as at this point, the reader already knows your topic and arguments and has formed his or her opinions on the same. This is your last point to show your expertise or prove a point based on your analyzed data.
After writing your 20 to 30 page paper, make sure you proofread your paper before sending it for grading. We all know that it is important to proofread your work before submitting it.
Happy writing a 20 t0 30 page research paper. If you get stuck, you can contact our writing or editing team for help. One more thing, do not forget to cite your sources and make a reference page for the same.