Yahoo and Amazon: Building a Competitive Advantage Essay

History was founded in the year 1994 by Jeffrey Pezzos. When it officially came online in the year 1995, it used to be known as Cadabra, Inc. Shortly after, the name was changed to Amazon. The main selling product was books. The founder knew that an online portal could hold an unlimited number of books, which would be a pretty tall order for a physical location. was first incorporated in Washington then later reincorporated in Delaware in the year 1996. It took a while though for the public to warm up to the services and products Amazon provided but eventually they did. Amazon recorded their first profits in the year 2001. has grown to become today’s biggest online retail seller. When Amazon was founded in 1994, it was meant to specialize in the sale of books and it did for a while. Today however in addition to selling books, Amazon also sells DVDs, software, video games, electronics MP3 streaming, jewelry, video games and food. The public could purchase items online and Amazon would have them shipped to the buyers who were not within the countries. The founder strategized the beginning of this business based on a report that projected the growth of annual growth of web commerce at 2300%. He then came up with a list of items that he thought were most likely to sell online and from the list he made; he decided to specialize on five items he thought would be a definite sell online. The list he ended up with comprised of books, computer hardware, computer software, videos and compact discs.

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