The Reaction Paper Assignment
You will be writing one paper with five sections in this course. Rather than having you write one long 10-page paper, you will write five essays each 2-pages long. You will have several topics to choose from for each essay. See the unit assignment page to see the topics. Here are the 5 units that have a writing assignment (essays for the paper) (not all units have an essay assignment):
•Prenatal Unit
•Infancy Unit
•Middle Childhood
•Early Adulthood
You will be creating your papers slowly as we proceed through the units. The deadlines for the work are listed in the Schedule of Assignments. For example, when we cover the Infancy Unit you will write the essay on your chosen topic in the Infancy Unit Assignment page.
Do NOT wait until the end of the semester when the paper is due to do your work. Do it slowly one essay at a time. When you create the first essay, save it with your name. Call it something like this: LastName_FirstName_ReactionPaper
Use Microsoft Word to type your essays if you have it. If not, any comparable word processing software will have similar features.. As you work, you will be adding your essays to the same document. To create the second essay, open the first document, scroll down to the bottom, start a new line, enter the topic, and begin typing your essay.
The first essay should have your name, the class you are in (DEP 2000 Virtual College, Reference Number). Your paper should be double-spaced. In Word 2003, click on Format, then Line Spacing, then select double-space. To do that in Word 2007 or 2010, click on the Line Spacing icon in the format section and select double-space. It looks like this:
Each essay should start with a short description of the topic (no more than 8 words) you chose so we know which of the topics you selected. Do not copy the entire topic. It will raise your plagiarism score. The topics ask very specific questions. Be sure that you discuss everything requested in the topic.You will be graded on how thorough your discussion of the topic is and on how well you communicate your ideas.
You do NOT have to have a cover page, an abstract, or running heads. Simply put your name and the reference number of your course on the first page of your paper. The page numbers can be placed at the top right or bottom right of the document and should start on the first page which should be numbered 1. The papers should be double spaced, but the reference list can be single spaced. The reference list belongs on Page 11. It should contain all the references you used in the five essays. Do NOT place references at the end of each individual essay.

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