A 29 year old male is becoming bald. He is very self-conscious, so he has started wearing a hat all the time. He is employed as a bond trader for Bulls and Bears, Inc. When reporting to work, his supervisor instructed him to remove the hat while working. The employee objects claiming the baldness as a disability.
Instructions: You will create a fictitious role play that infers this case is in court or arbitration. You are the arbitrator or judge. You should have objective reflection in your scenario that illustrates an employee or manager’s right(s) have been violated. In addition, you should refer to employment laws that validate your perception of the infraction. Research the law(s) you intend to use and refer to a historical supporting court case(s) that helps substantiate your argument. When reaching a verdict, the reader should clearly and concretely understand all evidence presented to justify the final-objective decision. Please prepare this assignment as a college student. Avoid the use of inappropriate spelling, grammar, and cultural specific language.

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