Drug and Alcohol Abuse/ Use in Veterans Essay Help
You work at the Department of Veterans Affair in the Call Center. Veterans call all day to check on the status of their Compensation and Pension claims that they have submitted. The process to get compensated is a lengthy one and Veterans share some of their past experiences while serving in the military.

Out of 150 calls, calculate how much of the Veterans have Drug and Alcohol related issues, Homelessness, Housing Troubles, Medical Illnesses or Complications and Financial Difficulties.
From this recorded information, write a report where you search for trends and develop a hypothesis.
The following hypotheses should be examined:
1. Veterans who call mentioning medical issues are more likely to mention drugs than a Veteran that does not mention medical issues.
2. Drug and alcohol use is mentioned less frequently than the other categories
3. Veterans who mention drugs and alcohol are seeking treatment.
Through this report, you should try to advance the professor’s knowledge about the history of drug or alcohol abuse in America.